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Countless thanks to Dr Tejas for his accurate covid treatment and the appreciation towards the work he is doing. Words could never express our gratitude for all you did to save my dad's life. Good doctors like you replace the fear of illness with the trust in recovery. Highly recommended pulmonologist in Thane.

Pradnya Hinge

My dad and uncle both were affected by COVID with severe infections. But doctor Tejas handled both the cases in best possible ways and even supported us the family members to not get panic.Best service provided and guides very well. He assured both will be cured and he kept his words.Highly recommended

Meena Pagar

During that hard time, i will forever oblige for your kindness support. My dad fast recovery couldn’t be possible without your magical words and proper treatment except medicines, doctor tejas always give positive hope to patients. I want to give my regards to you for being so humble and professional. In spite of the long queue, doctor tejas hear our problems patiently and provide us the best solution. Doctor tejas diagnose disease very easily, because tejas doctor is very sincere in your profession. Till date, you have been the best doctor whom I ever met.Thank you and may god will bless you with more.

Harsh Shah

Dr. TEJAS Ghude is very knowledgeable and explains the line of treatment in detail , He treated my parents and they were very satisfied.

Jayant Gaikar

One of the finest doctors I have ever visited. He is patient while listening to the problems & explains the further treatment in a way a layman would understand. His treatment is very precise & worked like a charm for me. Highly Recommended.

Neha Patil

He is the best Doctor. Very supportive and helpful. He is master in covid-19 treatment, always answered all the questions with proper explanation. Thanks Dr. Tejas.

Pratik Santani

A very polite and humble doctor with great diagnostics capabilities. I had consulted him during hospitalization because of covid 19 and also after discharge.

Ketan Saraf

Really appreciate the treatment and counseling given to patients and family. Thank you.

Nitin Patil

Great experience, support and guidance. Recommending Dr. Tejas Ghude. I am thankful for his services. He quickly responded to my queries regularly at any time of the day.

Yashashree Vishe

Excellent experience with treatment by Dr.Tejas Ghude.Really appreciate the treatment approach and counseling given to patients and family for support.Indeed good at your subject and line of treatment.thank you!